I'm Becky Walsh  - An ideas intuitive  Plotting a course for your passions. 

Media Presenter, Author, Transformational Comedian & Life Catalyst. 


One insight can change the course of everything! Light bulb moments, I'm addicted. It's an insight into you, what makes you triggered, what makes you tick, what lights you up. It's all in the name 'inner-sight'. 

This is why I use intuition, psychology, neuroscience and a sweet pill of humour to show you what you can't see for yourself. 

In the media I'm a presenter and performer for global insights and I bring together some of the best thinkers to create genius life changing content. 


Becky in the Media

Comedy Shows, Radio, Film, T.V, Podcasts, Books and Magazines -

Inspired ideas, insight and innovation.


Work with me

One to one consultations and courses. 

Stuck is a holding point whilst you're waiting for more information. I provide the information, you get unstuck.