Instant wit and wisdom, with sixteen years working in personal development!


I'm Becky Walsh  - Intuitive life catalyst and coach - Specialising in overcoming - anxiety, blocks, limitations and irritating inner voices. 

I'm also a Media Presenter, Author, and self-help Comedian for people who can't stand self-help, but secretly - could do with it! 

One insight can change the course of everything! 

I see clients the way I'd like to be seen - tell it like it is, don't patronise me and I don’t want to be seen as weak, or as having ‘a problem’! And I’m sure you don’t too. Being held with the eyes of ‘poor you, let me help’ undermines the very power you need in times when you feel like you’ve lost yourself. 

I come from the belief that if you’re struggling it’s likely there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you, you’re having a normal reaction to a messed up world. Or in other worlds, a natural human reaction to an unnatural environment. 

The thing is…. here you are, dreams become nightmares and we need to find a way to come back to the love, laughter and utter joy of being a live.

You need some coping strategies or a ‘next step to get me out of here’ strategy. 

When we don’t know how to do something, or to get 'through' something we need is a bit of education - you might call the 'life skills' oddly, you weren't born with all of them and some you were born with trip you up, as they weren't designed for the way we live. 

This is where I come in with:

  • The education - you learn more about your greatest self using my intuition.

  • The tools - neuroscience, psychology, spirituality and coaching.

  • The strategy - what to do next.

I use intuition, psychology, neuroscience and a sweet pill of humour to show you what you can't see for yourself.

In the media I'm a presenter and performer for global insights and I bring together some of the best thinkers to create genius life changing content. 

Ample - Personal development events in the South West UK and online.

We are an events and media platform based in the South West of England.

As well as serving a local community in Weston-super-Mare, AMPLE is growing a global audience, who are seeking fresh, upbeat style of personal development through practical, engaging, fun, live and online events, with the purpose of inspiring people to live a more conscious, happier, purposeful life. 

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Becky Walsh at Achieve a two-day Health, Wealth and Happiness Show

Achieve is coming to Bristol! A two-day Health, Wealth and Happiness Show will be in the city from 13th – 14th October 2018. Brilliant line-up of speakers including Gregg Wallace, Helen Lederer, Nigel Owens MBE and Eddie ‘The Eagle’ Edwards and Becky Walsh. With workshops, cookery demonstrations and an exciting range of exhibitors, come along and be inspired to achieve your lifestyle goals.

Becky will be speaking both days on:

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) with Becky Walsh

In this talk, you'll learn how your intuition works, and how to read people by more than just the words that they say. You’ll be able to address people in a personal way that builds trust quickly, useful for sales, team building and advancing your business.

Get your business into the media with Becky Walsh

Fancy having ‘As seen on the BBC’ branded onto your website? Nothing creates more trust than a media expert. You might feel you have nothing to say, but the likelihood is you do.

Ample South West will also have a stand at the event.


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