Intelligent, insightful and funny! 

About me:

I’ve had a gun pulled on me twice in my life. Once was whilst I was hitch-hiking in Northern Ireland. A Brummie squaddie (a soldier from Birmingham), who was holding the trigger, yelled at me, because I thought I was on holiday, but he pointed out I was in a war zone. Another time was in the St Paul’s area of Bristol when I was scoring crack and heroin with my addict boyfriend. 

Some people are almost terminally curious; I'm one of those people. I must have 99 lives, because despite all of the ‘life experiences’ I have put myself through, I am still here! I’ve had a very BIG life adventure. I think this is why my clients range from dominatrix, politicians, actors, Royalty, CEOs and cleaners. Marketing people tell me that in business it’s important to specialise, and yet my clients are everyone. With one collective exception – they are unique. I don’t think one form, or way of working, suits everyone, that’s why I prefer to call myself a catalyst rather than a coach. I’m a chameleon in my communication with my clients. 

I have lived in Australia, Hong Kong, America and at sea. Now, my home is in the UK. I started my career as a West End stage manager and lighting tech. Drawn to theatre because I wanted to create the feeling that an audience has, when they have seen a production and feel changed by it. A shift of perspective has taken place, or even just some thigh-slapping entertainment! This pull led me to the world of self-development. I love transformation – my own, and inspiring others.

I’ve been turning the dry world of self-development on its head with a down-to-earth and uniquely funny style. I’m an expert in areas of self-development, communication, relationships, spirituality and intuition. I do this by blending psychology, spirituality and breakthrough science, not only in one-to-one sessions, but also in my teaching and speaking.

I’m the author of five published books including ‘You Do Know – learning to act on intuition instantly’ published by Hay House, which pioneers some revolutionary ideas on the brain in the gut and the brain in the heart. I also put a high level of intuition down to being dyslexic. 

 Becky in the LBC studio

Becky in the LBC studio

I’m a past presenter on LBC radio and currently freelance for BBC Radio Bristol and Somerset as a producer and reporter. I have also been a reporter for the BBC Radio 2 Jeremy Vine show. I blog for Huffington Post and Psychologies magazine. I’ve appeared at the world-renowned seminar ‘I Can Do It’ and I have addressed audiences in Hong Kong, Chile, Pakistan, Australia and America. I have been a coach for the TEDx Bristol event at the Colston Hall ‘Dare to Disrupt’. For the live show, I put my production head on and was show caller and producer. I also had my own TV show on the Made Television network, called ‘Anything goes with Becky Walsh’, which was a late night call-in show. 

I’m addicted to light bulb moments. That instant ‘aha’ moment when something clicks into place. It’s what I’d call ‘Ideas Sex’. Ideas Sex is when you work with someone else and you get really excited by a concept or a positive thought, and you find yourself saying ‘yes, yes, yes, yes, OMG, that’s BRILLIANT!’

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Now, I can’t give you a money-back guarantee that when you work with me or read my books you’ll have the best Ideas Sex of your life. But one insight can change the direction of a whole life. When you believe in yourself, you can’t be controlled by others, you’re less gullible and you’re an effective agent for change in the world. Let’s face it, humanity could do with more positive change agents. We need to stop buying into fear-based thinking. The more you realise that you do have the answers, the more clarity you have about yourself, the more love you’ll spread in the world. I do this job because I want to live in a positive loving world where Ideas Sex spreads like a virus.


I have a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. I’ve trained in psychology and psycho-synthesis, yet I put my intuitive talents down to being dyslexic. I’m a qualified life coach and have expanded the learning into a unique way of working. It’s unique because you are! 

Five things I would love my clients to know:

  • At the point where you recognise there’s an issue holding you back, it feels big. Often one problem has multiple symptoms. If we spend time on the symptoms, we are slowing you down even more. I use my intuition to get to the root cause. Cure that and the symptoms are gone, often one appointment is enough. 
  • I don’t do a lot of hand holding. I see my job as like a car mechanic. I work with you to fix the car to get you back on the road of life. I’m not a driving instructor. 
  • Often people apologise for the smallness of the problem they have come to fix, or think somehow I’ll get bored of talking about relationships, careers or whatever they came about. Often they say, ‘I’m sure you hear a lot of this’. I will find you fascinating! 
  • I will say things to you and you will wonder how the heck I know that. A profound level of intuition comes from dyslexia. Read my book ‘You do know.’ Please don’t use your appointment to ask me questions about how I know what I know. I’d rather talk about you than me in the session. I know it’s weird that I can describe people I’ve never met, just use it to your advantage. 
  • Don’t ask me for a discount. I often put offers out only to my mailing list, so if you like flash sales, sign up.