You can transform your life in ONE conversation!

I'm a Intuitive Catalyst and change happens in my company. 

I use a high level of intuition, tools in psychology, neuroscience, spiritual thinking and coaching, to shift perceptions and free lives. 

One appointment is often all you need.

You have all of the answers inside of you, but from time to time we all get blocked, feel stuck and need solutions. You can’t do it all on your own. Sometimes you need a little insight.

Intuitive Catalyst consultations (30mins or 1 hour or 1 hour 30 mins)

Life’s opportunities slide into place with a bit of mental clarity! One insight can change the course of your whole life. 

After an appointment, people I work with report: Emotional freedom, clarity, self-belief, relief, less stress and anxiety, confidence.

People come to see me for many reasons:

Stuck, feelings of anxiety and fear, lack of clarity, decision making cross roads, Don’t know what they want, difficulty understanding a loved one, need for direction and all sorts of other life dilemmas.

Results past clients have had: Starting a new job, published books, families started, business started, marriages ended and saved, moving home, creating more income, better partner communication and understanding.

I start every appointment by asking what you would like to get out of the session. This gives us both a moment to focus on the purpose of the appointment. You can ask questions during the session as the chances are you will forget if you hold them to the end. You are welcome to come with questions ready.

Half an hour - £45.00

Perfect for a catch up for returning clients or smaller issues. 30 minute sessions are only available via phone (I call landlines and UK Mobiles) Skype, or facetime.

Sometimes a finger pointed in the right direction lets you know which is the right door for you to push!

One Hour and a half hour Breakthrough session - £155.00


A breakthrough session is a one-off appointment to get you really clear on your whole life or truly focused on the big shift.

Mini retreat:

Come to the seaside! These mini retreats are for people who need to get away, but don't want to do it alone.

It might be to talk through things going on and get some clarity, want work on a project such as writing a book or building website copy and want someone on who's an expert on hand to advise. 

If you don't have the time or money for a vacation or a week-long retreat, that doesn't mean you can't give yourself the space you need.

One hour - £85.00

(20% discount on sessions over Phone, Facetime, skype and in Weston-Super-Mare - £68.00)

I am a catalyst and ‘ideas spark’ in my company. I do this by moving people closer to heart-based decisions and further away from fear and foggy thinking. Not everyone like a therapy room. In Weston-Super-Mare appointments are done in 'The Garden Room' with a 'non over looked' view of nature in a private room. Or the appointment can take the form of a 'walk and talk' on the beach. 

Face to face is in London, Bristol and in Weston-Super-Mare. 


Personal development coaching -  L.C.H. Dip. Qualified

I'm an accredited Practitioner of Life Coaching. I'm happy to give on going support and we can come up with a price plan for this depending on your needs.

Personal development coaching is about achieving a greater awareness of yourself, your values, talents, reflection on the growth and lessons learnt from your past. 

You have a choice to focus the context of our sessions on career, education, relationship or for any level  of self-improvement, including personal greatness and spiritual presence. 

Ready to hire me as your Coach? Great! Email me and we’ll get you started.

If you want a business mentor for a 'wellbeing' style business check out this page: 

Face to face:

London: The Practice at The Angel, 2nd Floor, 32-33 Upper Street, Angel, London N1 0PN

Bristol: Comfort Health 11 Alma Vale Road, Clifton, Bristol, BS8 2HL

Weston-Super-Mare: Garden Room Clifton Road Weston-Super-Mare, BS23 1BN (Booked via email or by phone 07769220833. These appointments at £68 as I don't pay room hire on this private room)

All sessions are recorded and sent to you via e-mail at no extra charge.

Skype / Phone / FACETIME

Calls to UK Mobiles and Landlines. All overseas are by Skype, Facetime or Whatsapp.

 All sessions are recorded and sent to you via e-mail at no extra charge.






Thanks again for Sunday ! Very decisive/impressive knowledge. Felt quite overwhelmed with the accuracy of how you very quickly broke down the reality of the situation I am in, who I am and the truthful reality of where I’m at in this relationship which is causing me to be in limbo land/stuck and not progressing.
The most constructive, direct and non wishy washy account of what is actually going on.
Thanks again
Thank you so much for today. Huge relief, big fab shifts that brought me out in goosebumps, and it felt really supportive (in a good way!) :) Lucy
We talked over 3 years ago now, I arranged an appointment with you and luckily you recorded it. Just recently, I had the urge to seek out the recording of our meeting - a feeling that some how I needed to listen to it again in order to establish and confirm the ‘new’ direction I was on. Oh my gosh! Seriously Becky, my hair stood on end as it was the all the reconfirmation I needed.
I love your down-to-earth manner, and no airs and graces approach you tell it as it is and do it with such warmth. Look forward to our next catch up X you rock!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌻🌻
I feel really energised/motivated from the session so thanks so much! Kate

Guarantee: We will know within five minutes of meeting face-to-face or over the phone if we are a good match to work together. If we are not, you’ll get a full refund.