Creating powerful listening and people reading tools with integrity.

In my work with CxO’s, leaders, executives and their teams we develop personal and group-based skills in self-belief, intuitive listening, body language, voice tone and over all inspiring communication.

As featured in The Sunday Times In Style Magazine May 2014

In my coaching participants will develop individually tailored solutions, giving everyone involved a valuable and exciting opportunity to take away a personalised strategy adapted to their personal strengths and weaknesses. The end result is a team of people able to have impactful communication and more importantly listening skills in their organisation and with their customers. 

Subjects include:

  • Establishing and re-establishing trust from customers and work colleagues, by developing personal values and how to communicate those through actions and words.
  • Intuitive customer communication for a deeper understanding of customer needs leading to faster sales and less time waisting with the wrong clients!
  • Communication between men and women, looking at the differences in perception between the two sexes, and how to overcome miscommunication.  
  • Impactful solutions in communication skills, including how to make fast correct decisions.
  • Access instant intuition for ideas and decision-making.

Why every company needs to think intuitively:

From Becky Walsh’s article in Huffington Post: What Successful Entrepreneurs Know About Intuition

Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have all said they use intuition for business and let's face it, they have had quite a bit of success with it. The argument I hear against following your inner knowing, is people don't know how to trust it. Trusting it is an act of faith in itself. But maybe if you knew of all the positive benefits of your intuition, it would be a no brainer... literally!

Having an open dropbox of inner knowing is a massive time and energy saver. Making decisions with your mind requires that you think, weigh up pros and cons, acquire information and often gets stressful. When we have done all that thinking, we often go back to the very first feeling we had about the situation. After all of that thinking you often know intuitively what to do, but we are taught that we need to have evidence for what we know.

In an uncertain world, how realistic is the feeling of being certain?

Using your intuition for your future employees is vital! Often what looks great on paper might not be so great in real life. It's very easy to say yes to the right things in an interview and not have the capacity when it comes to the crunch. Employing the wrong person can be costly to a company.

Many headhunting firms are moving on from the personality questionnaire and, instead, using the skills of a high level intuitive to read their potential clients. Intuitive listening is when you can hear someone with more than your ears, you can read them, picking up emotional suitability and how a person will interact in the team. I have done this work for a number of business and been told I'm always spot on when it comes to building a team that work well together and are great at the job. You can develop these intuitive skills yourself to make you a better listener, able to divert problems in your team before they arrive.

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The sessions are tailored to you to help you grow your coaching, therapy or any holistic private practice.

INTUITION group COACHING - in Three day intensive 


Day one - Trusting and acting on your intuition instantly -

Ever found yourself repeating ‘I don’t know what to do', hoping someone else could decide for you? How many times in hindsight have you said to yourself ‘I knew it’? Inner doubt is an epidemic of our time. Who can you trust if it’s not yourself? There’s an antidote to inner doubt, it’s the inner voice.

Day two - Intuition for decision making

When you trust your inner wisdom, you become the one everyone turns to for advice because YOU are spot on in what you say. You have clarity, direction and focus. Freeing your mind for creativity, fun and taking risk-free adventures everyone else calls brave. 

Day three - Intuition for reading people

Intuitively reading people is a right hemisphere of the brain listening skill. You can give sage expert advice and be spit-your-coffee-accurate in your insights. Learn how you not waist time on the wrong people in love and in business. 

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