Spiritualising the glamorous life


There was a song in my head when I met Lilou international interviewer with Oprah ambition. It’s from ‘A little night music’ about the life of an actress, it goes

Unpack the luggage, la la la, Pack up the luggage, la la la, Unpack the luggage, la la la, Hi-ho, the glamorous life!

Lilou had the luggage packed and was ready to run after our interview, she’s tall, glamorous and in fact I was sat on a cushion for the whole interview in order to not look like an umpa lumpa. With the cushion slowly slipping forward as I tried to move back away from the mic, I became pleased I wasn’t warring orange! Lilou travels the world interviewing spiritual people ‘co-created’ by her youtube audience who help fund her. She has a massive communicative audience and already the interview has had 5,000 views with many comments.

The knock on effect was a stack of people subscribing to my youtube channel and more interest in my work. Other people have also written blogs off the back of the film.

Lilou has clearly worked hard and believes in manifestation. She even manifested meeting her hero Oprah which came about because she told a friend her dream, this person saw Oprah the next day in Chicago and just went up to her and said ‘you need to meet my friend’ and she did. With my last book ‘Intuitive Lovers’ I spent a sweltering day in New York being at the right place at the wrong time to give Oprah the book, needless to say we never here about the manifestations that didn’t happen… in my time frame, or even I believe with the right book!

I can’t think how authors got their word out independently without the internet. It’s hard to remember a time without it now. I’m almost more dependent on it now then my cooker. But there is still something magical of meeting people in person. My focus now, is to create events that I can meet people first hand, then have them as a friend rather than somewhere out in the internet faceless land. The Becky Walsh tour coming soon!

Hi-ho, the glamorous life! Run for the carriage, la la la, Wolf down the sandwich, la la la, Which town is this one, la la la, Hi-ho, the glamorous life!