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Knowing Humans - Film


Knowing Humans came off the back of a wave of spiritual expert talking heads films. Marlo and I wanted to create a film about what it is to be human at this point in our evolution. At the time I was writing the book ‘You Do Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly’ Many of the ideas from the book are shown in the film. Most people make a film from the book, Knowing Humans was the film before the book. The project was to involve all kinds of people. However that part of the project failed as what we learnt it is to be human is a bit crap, none motivated and mistrusting. Over 6 months of requesting content in the UK and US we were sent only two. Off the back of this a spiritual centre in London then pitched this idea after I had asked them for help spreading the word. Interestingly enough the idea failed for them too.

What you see now was created by the genius of Marlo. We had in the can the backbone of the film that we were going to put the community context around. Now with no content we simply had a camera lecture. Marlo came up with the brilliant idea of using footage from films that are out of copyright and now come under creative commons. Adding more humour to the film and some rich break up points from the dialog. Having a light hearted film about ‘bloody humans’ was very important to me.

Music created by Jimmy Galvin and Rodolfo Alejandro Castagnolo

Below is the original press realise. It’s a shame that idea didn’t happen, however I believe what we have now is far better than our ideas came up with at the time.

Knowing Humans had its only public viewing at the Alma Tavern film festival in Bristol 2013.




A revolutionary new concept in the world of film making, exploring, discovering and unwrapping the essence of what it is to be human at this moment in our evolutionary story.

A film created by the one person who understands the subject matter better than anyone else - you.

London, UK & San Francisco, US – (September 2010) - With the explosion of social networking and online community contribution everyone and anyone can make their voice heard and it has never been more apparent that everyone out there has something to say.  We want to tap into that stream of consciousness, and give that voice a platform to be heard worldwide.

There have been a plethora of spiritual and human interest films that have been produced in recent history, most of which have taken the approach to educate and inform the audience from the producer’s perspective.  This film will be different as the content, subject matter and message will come from the combined voices of the people worldwide who will produce footage to be used.  Our job as the production team will be simply to combine, blend and distil these pieces into a fast, upbeat and dynamic film which represents the voice and perspective of the people who will have created it.

“This is not a passive spiritual film this is an active revolution of insight.Becky Walsh

We are looking for input from all over the globe in a variety of formats, and for the first time in our history the technology exists to allow us to do this in high quality format.  Films, MP3s, photos can all be uploaded for inclusion in the film and the website has a variety of question suggestions to inspire the content producers and get the creative juices flowing.

We need content for the film uploaded by January 2011 This is a global collaborative project and we are looking for people to get involved in any one or more of the following ways:

  • Content producers – create and upload clips, images, music, whatever you are inspired to produce.
  • Video editors
  • Animation artists
  • Production interns
  • Researchers
  • Marketing / PR
  • Fundraisers
  • New media artists
  • Donors – we are a self-funded, non-profit independent production team, so all contributions are gratefully received!

However you would like to be part of making a film, just go for it. We will blog and update you via e-mail every stage of the film process so you know what is happening as it happens.

We are an independent film maker, and now so are you.

Knowing Humans is a film for people, about people, by people, a film where anyone can be the star, everyone writes the script and no-one knows what we will discover.

You might only be one person….but you can be one person who makes a difference.

Becky and Marlo will be available in the coming months for interviews in both the UK and the US, please contact us for more information.




About the production team


Marlo McKenzie is a writer and filmmaker originally from the Detroit area. She has studied language in France, worked in theater in Germany, was a founding producer of a video production company in Australia that trains homeless youth, and now resides in San Francisco, California where she works in documentary film and as a producer at bad leg emu. Marlo has directed numerous films for corporations and non-profits both in Australia and the US. Her creative work has been projected onto Coit Tower in San Francisco, exhibited and screened in Australia and as well as the US. Marlo holds a M.F.A from the College of Fine Arts in Sydney, Australia and a B.A. in telecommunications and digital media arts from Michigan State University. She believes in leveraging the power of media to create a shift in thought and action that will positively transform the world.


Becky Walsh is one of the U.K.’s leading thinkers on intuition and spirituality.  She is a well-recognized author, magazine feature writer, speaker, hosted her own radio show on LBC 97.3, and has a practice in London where her consultations are a blend of intuitive psychotherapy, psychology inspiration, and life coaching.  She has made two short films with Marlo McKenzie and has a back ground in theatre production and stage management. Her reason for making ‘Knowing Humans’ is to give an alternative perspective on spiritual film making and take an in-depth look at what it is to be human at what she feels is a crux point in human evolution.



You Do Know - Film

YOU DO KNOW.inddWhen trying to sell a book you have to be inventive. A film that goes viral on the internet could create a bestselling book. The idea for this film came from wanting some theme music for the book. That might sound weird that the book should have a theme tune, but one of the ideas in the book is that everyone has their own theme tune, so why not a book! So I turned to Paul Hutchinson from SLAVZIIHOUSE to mix some music for me around the idea of ‘I know’. As a child I used to create pop videos in my head when listening to music. It was something I used to do to help me sleep. As soon as I heard the track Paul mixed I had a pop video in my head. First it was a set of scenes that I was going to film. The problem with the scenes I had in my head as I needed actors a crew and a place to film. I knew I didn’t have the time or the money for this. So I decided the next best thing was animation. A friend of mine Alex volunteered his artist boyfriend Kike Areitioaurtena to create some simple images. Once these were created I realised even this idea wasn’t going to work as we would need so many images to make the five scenes. These images then went on to be used in another film. So I decided to use old black and white movies as was done in the film ‘Knowing Humans’. At this point I taught myself to edit. Sending the small film parts I had chosen, text and the song over to Marlo McKenzie for her to put it all together. The text is an argument as to why you should buy the book. It also has a play on ideas already out there about using intuition. Some of these are subtle, such as using the iconic ‘Star wars, use the force Luke’ wording role at the end of the film. This film was then first shown at the book launch at the tabernacle theatre in 2013.

Intuitive lovers - Film

This film is another book promo film. It was made in San Francisco again with film maker Marlo McKenzie. The idea was the make something fun, tongue in cheek and a little sexy. The cast are made up of students I went to California Institute of Integral Studies with and my actress flat mate Anna Bullard. The whole thing was shot in a day. It was the first time I had produced a film, and created all the ideas behind it. We used the same Tony Mortimer (East 17 see below image) music as in Goodbye Madam Ruth as we had permission to use it and it was so perfect. It was during the making of this film I discovered Marlo could read my mind. I then decided I wanted to make a film with her and ‘Knowing Humans’ was born. tony_mortimer

Five things that block intuition - Film


Images had been created for the film to launch the book You Do Know – Learning to act on intuition instantly; however these images were not used in the film as they didn’t work. I really don’t, like waist, so I contacted Steve Lofthouse who I went to Drama school with. Steve is a genius for coming up with comedy film ideas. I recorded some audio to link the images to and asked him to put something together. Steve went above and beyond what was asked for. I think he just got really carried away with the idea and I was delighted with what he created, it’s very me and very funny. Enjoy!

Film - Goodbye Madam Ruth


Goodbye Madam Ruth was my introduction to film making.

Caroline Mylon was one of my students. She said she would like to make a pilot to attract TV companies to make a documentary. Between us we set up a production company made the pilot and took it to TV companies such as channel 4. We kept missing the remits the stations were looking for, for example not being a documentary about minority groups.

The music was gifted to the film my Tony Mortimer from the band East 17 who has a love of this subject matter.

The word psychic is associated with when the client gets 'told' information such as a future prediction.

My main reasons for dropping the word psychic is to distance myself from some of the harmful ways practitioners of 'psychic readings' can hurt clients. For example, the brain becomes filled with 'happy' endorphins when you are told something good is going to happen, (more endorphins than when the good thing actually happens), which can cause addiction.

There are many people who come under the name psychic who peddle in fear, they tell the client bad things will happen, (you have been cursed etc) to extract more money. Psychic doesn't mean spiritual and in my time calling myself a psychic, I met more ego's then when I worked in theatre!

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