Lets get down to business – the business of your business!

The sessions are tailored to you to help you grow your coaching, therapy or any holistic private practice.

Unlike coaching, which may have a formula to follow, I believe you are unique and and I work with your uniqueness. I listen to what your needs are and use my experience to help you navigate an easier route to your success. I have a vast knowledge at your disposal. My mentor strategy is to help you become more of who you already are not to make you more like me, or follow anyone else’s path. I did not just drop out of B-School, I'm not going to promise you a six- figure coaching practice (because in case you didn't realise... it's YOU they're making six-figures from often starting your business with a large debt for your dream). I've been doing this for fifteen years, through recessions and more clients then I can cope with, I've done it all. 

My job is to save you time, money, effort and heartache by using my knowledge and years of experience, connections and genius ideas to get you where you want to go quicker and more safely than going alone.

I am dedicated to your success. In addition, I’m listening out for any resistance or self-sabotage so we can nip it in the bud, before it slows you down.

Becky provided me with the clarity, understanding and direction that I needed in order to move forward with my business.
Ismene Cole - Counselling & Personal Development
Ismene Cole

Ismene Cole

Here’s some things we can cover:

  • Getting clients

  • Get clear on: mission, strategies and target audience

  • What’s on fire: Money, Recognition, Trust, Product Creation, what to do first!

  • How to building faith and recognition in your industry

  • Fast selling product creation

  • Passive income products to earn money in your sleep

  • Social media platform building

  • Newsletters and all that blog funky stuff

  • How to write copy

  • Practical DIY lessons (create Facebook page etc)

  • Help networking contacts in the industry

  • Brand building

  • Mission statements

  • Conquer your blocks with some easy tools

  • Get clear on indecision

  • Sparkly marketing tools

  • Who to hire to help you with the hard tech stuff

All the tools to attract passionate followers, eager clients and abundant sales –that equals a saturable business that benefits the world.

How it works: 

Pop me an email to workwithme@beckywalsh.com and I’ll send you an info sheet.

  • We start with a Breakthrough session to get really clear on your business and the direction we will be working towards. Then you book 6 sessions to be completed within six months.

  • When you book your first appointment you will be sent a free ebook ‘Setting up a private practice’.

To get started just pop an email to workwithme@beckywalsh.com.