A 'Personal Power Specialist' for people who are on a mission and need the skills to make it happen.

With deep intuitive conversations, we can get the clarity needed to make the next right move.

I'm Becky Walsh  - Intuitive life catalyst for twenty years (Thanks, I don’t look that old!) -

Specialising in overcoming personal blocks and irritating inner voices. 

One insight can change the course of everything! 

When you feel like you’re up against any issue it can feel enormous. Yet, one insight can change the course of everything. You don’t need months of appointments to get to the route of a problem. This is why I call myself a catalyst rather than a therapist or a coach. One appointment can be enough, and if you want ongoing deep transformation, we can do that too. How BIG or how DEEP do you want to go, we go together.

Using intuition, psychology, spirituality, neuroscience and a touch of humour I show you what you can't see for yourself.


Working highlights.

Working highlights.