Intuitive lovers By Becky Walsh - Trust Yourself : Love Fearlessly


Thinking about the relationships that didn’t work out for you, when was the first time you realise it wasn’t going to work? 

You might not be surprised to find out most people answer this with ‘when we first met’. 

So why don’t we listen to that inner knowing? Blind desperate hope?

Nope it’s because we don’t trust ourselves to be right. 

Trusting your intuition means you never have to trust anyone else, because you trust yourself to make good decisions about good people (and douchebags). 

Not only that, but intuition can create a deeper bond sexually. I know dating experts tell you you need to talk about it, but have you ever tried? The sexual ego can be a big kid that goes ‘na na na na na na, I’m not listening to you and by the way FYI no-one else has complained!’ 

This book shows you how to use your intuition to find the right partner or playmate. It gives you the tools needed to end patterns of feeling fooled, getting disappointed, the slow recovery of hurt and fear of being alone – so you can keep your heart open to love.


Chris Hawkins

Chris Hawkins

Becky’s forthright approach hooks you and makes you look at your life and the world around you in a completely different way. —Chris Hawkins BBC Radio Presenter
Tony Mortimer

Tony Mortimer

“An inspiring open book, which makes you look at sex and relationships in a much deeper way. Full of humour and intuitive wisdom, quite sexy in parts too!’ Tony Mortimer, Singer song writer (East 17)