Idea Sex Episode #5 - Self Love

The true power of self-love - If everyone had self-love would be have world peace? If all of our insecurities were loved and accepted by ourselves, if we could see how amazing we are, how much nicer would we be as people to each other? 

In this podcast we talk to Anita Moorjani, who's near death experience gave her a powerful insight into self-love and saved her life. We also talk to Dr David Hamilton, a scientist who gave up a career in chemistry to  teach about placebo and the mind body connection.

Idea Sex Episode #4 - The Neuroscience behind memory and learning

The neuroscience behind memory and learning - How do we know what we know? How does our memory work and how can we totally forget who someone is when we see them in a different context. 

In this podcast we hear from Dr Clea Warburton professor of Neuroscience about learning, memory and the workings of the brain.

Idea Sex Podcast - Episode #1 - Courage and Resilience

Courage and Resilience - Courage turns vulnerability into the opportunity for growth that it really is. Resilience comes from the blind faith that we must have in ourselves to be ok, no matter what and embrace courage. It's not what happens to you, but how you bounce back from it that counts. 

In this podcast we hear from two coaches; Vanessa Anstee and Ismene Cole  and get their tips and advice on how to build courage and resilience in our lives.

Music by kindly given by the brilliant Late Cambrian