Reboot Your Power - Six one to one sessions


Had enough of playing mediocre?

Feeling lost and directionless can co-exist with knowing that you have a passion. Something inside of you that want's to bubble up to the surface and do something amazing in the world.

I doubt that this is even the first amazing thing you have done. Maybe the last thing was awesome, or it kicked the sh*t out of you and you've been grieving the loss of you VA VA Voom optimism ever since.

Whatever is the root cause of feeling 'flat as a pancake' or 'irritated things aren't moving' one thing is still true. There's a conversation that won't go away; 'there's more to me then this'.

Inspiration doesn't light its own fire, it needs fuel to burn brightly. Over six sessions with me you'll know your strengths, talents and get you tuned in and turned on to your power.

Each session is an hour and a half. You'll sign-up for the six-sessions in one payment of £594.00 or two payments of £297.00. Each session is every two weeks, so you have time to do homework and embody the transformation into life with support. After the three months, you'll have email support for another two months free of charge.

Email to book or call 07769220833